Sunday, January 13, 2013

School Bears! Oh My!

So things don't always go as planned in preschool... Most teachers have experienced this in one way or another. So what do you do??? Improv right?

We had a visitor from a zoo planned to visit our preschool classroom before winter break. She however, had a last minute job interview out of state so had to cancel at the last minute. This left us wondering what will we do? My partner in crime Miss Anna (who teaches preschool next door) said how about we dress up in the costumes she had sent and we will just be silly School Bears... Ok why not, I said... So we did. Miss Anna and I went to the "office" and left the students with our assistants. We did a quick change and came back into the classroom. We named ourselves School Bears and told the kids we were visiting children in schools because we liked to read with them and that we had heard that they were learning to read books. We asked them to help us read. I being the brown bear, read Brown Bear Brown Bear of course. Miss Anna read Polar Bear Polar Bear. Then for sure we had to go on a BEAR HUNT! We laughed and laughed and the kids had a blast. Some were unsure about us, some thought we were really School Bears, and some couldn't be fooled at all! One little girl told me "Miss Kelly, I know that was you because that bear had the same shoes on as you do." lol :)

You gotta love this job!



Sara Gaitan said...

Haha! CUTE! Yes as an early childhood teacher, I feel like I am in "improv" mode 75% of the time! Sometimes, you just have to wing it and just go with it! But that is what makes the job SOOO much fun!!

Cute idea and kudos to you and the other prek teacher for giving the children this experience!

Teaching Munchkins

Carolyn Wilhelm said...

Very fun and perfect for engaging children. I live near you and I blog, too. Have your seen the TpT forum for the MN meet up (all TpT meet ups, but there is a Google doc and a MN section). Nice to find your blog!

Carolyn Wilhelm said...

Say, that second comment is spam.