Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Learning Area (Interest Area) Signs!

My preschool classroom is set up with Interest Areas, and in each area I switch things up and include different Learning Centers. Well I just finished making new Learning Area (Interest Area) signs for my classroom. I have an old set on my website 2care2teach4kids.com, which can be found in the Center Management section of my Teacher's Desk, that I made a few years ago. They are good but I felt it was time to upgrade them a little bit. The new Learning Area Signs are more colorful and I think the "Learning Objectives" stand out a little bit more now. I print them on card stock and laminate them and have them hanging in each area in my classroom. I think they are a great tool to help communicate to parents/families what kind of learning is happening when their children work/play in each area.  Anyway they are available at my Teachers Pay Teaches store. Check them out.


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