Monday, August 08, 2011

More "Getting to Know You" fun!

Ok, maybe I should have made my mascot an OWL this year... I keep making all this cute owl stuff for when I get...Back To School! But anyway, here is the newest addition to my TpT store.
It's a simple Getting to Know You form I am going to have families fill out at Open House or during the first week of school. (If it doesn't get filled out with mom/dad I will ask the child the questions myself.) I think I will post them all on one of our classroom bulletin boards... It will look great with my whole Woodland Welcome theme! We have Child Information Sheets we collect on everyone before school starts, so these forms are just another way for me to learn some details about my students right away at the beginning of the year. I like to have this kind of thing on hand so that if I have someone who might be struggling with separation I can have an "in" with them, because I know something about their favorite book or food or game...

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