Monday, August 08, 2011

Classroom Mascots

Just finished reading about Erica Bohrer's classroom mascots on her blog Erica Bohrer's First Grade! She is doing a Linky Party about mascots! I recently blogged about my new mascot for this year in my post Woodland Welcome. As I noted, our mascot for the past few years has been a monkey and our theme for the year was "We are WILD about Preschool." Well, we are still wild about preK only this year I am changing to a woodland animal theme thanks to my new Gopher mascot (at least I think he is a gopher!) I love the idea of having a class mascot and also have a page about mascots on my website at that discusses mascots and offers other classroom mascot suggestions. 
Here is our classroom mascot for this year... BTW- I still haven't named him yet! Any ideas?
Join the Mascot Linky Party and share your Classroom Mascot too!


Amanda Lynn said...

This is so totally random but I think Scout would be an adorable name for him!

Miss Kelly said...

I like that!!!! Thanks Amanda. I will think about it! :)

Erica Bohrer said...

I love your website post on mascots! I am going to add the clear bags to mine.

Miss Kelly said...

Thanks Erica! Wouldn't it be fun to have a camera in the bag too so that everyone could take a picture with the mascot at their homes, and then post it on a BB or make it into a book/photo album.... Hmmm I might have to think more about this! LOL ;)