Sunday, July 17, 2011

Woodland Welcome

Okay so the other day at work (my part-time waitress/bartending gig) Tom, one of our regular customers, was in with Mike & Dianne, also regulars, and Tom had this dancing singing woodchuck that he apparently rescued from Mike & Dianne's garage sale. So he brings the little guy into the bar and it's dancing and singing on the bar... funny and cute. Tom is like, I just couldn't see the little guy go... So anyway I am thinking to myself... Huh my preschoolers would love that thing! So I tell Tom that and he is like "It's Yours!" (So big THANKS to Tom, Mike, & Dianne!!!!)

Too funny! I am so excited though. I love him and I can't wait to use him in my room next year. He is going to be our new classroom mascot! I even went so far as to create an entire new theme of resources to go with him!!!!

So my new classroom theme for next school year is going to be...

"We are WILD about Preschool"
and I am going to do everything with a woodland animal theme this year. In the past I have used the same motto and wild animals, especially monkeys (they are so cute). I had a huge inflatable monkey that was our class mascot the past couple of years but he finally popped! So it's a good time for a new mascot! So now, what to name him???

Isn't he cute? What do you think? What's a good name?

Also, I am considering selling my newly made resources online as well. I can't give them away, unfortunately, because Scrappin Doodles (where the graphics are from, BTW they have great graphics!!!) doesn't allow that. And well, honestly, selling them would help support the website. I am just curious if they are anything anyone else would be interested in...

Here is a preview of the new resources. There are nine documents- A Welcome Sign, Open House Invite, Newsletter Templates, a Welcome Letter, a Class List, and an Open House Sign in Sheet... They are programmable files.

I am getting excited for the new school year!!!

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