Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smart Board, Smartboard

We have just added new Smartboards to our early childhood school readiness preschool classrooms! I am so excited for this new technology! It is already proving to make teaching and routines run more efficiently and the children are more engaged and interested than ever before! I hope to create all kinds of new resources to add to the http://www.2care2teach4kids.com/ website to share with other early childhood teachers! So excited!!!


. said...

Hello Kelly,
Ilove all the resources that you create. They are so helpful! I have a question. Do you have a 2 day lesson plan form that can be programed online? I saw the regular one which is also great.Thanks for your help. ~Vonda

Kelly said...

Thanks Vonda! I will work onn getting one up!

Miss Kelly said...

Vonda- The link is up!
Check it out :)