Tuesday, January 05, 2010

McDonalds can Fix it.. No wonder...

Today one of my little friends was having an exceptionally hard day. Granted it was his first day back after a long winter break, and we had a bunch of high school students observing us, and the fifth graders came to read to us... so needless to say, it was a BIG day for the preschoolers.

So this little guy was very EMOTIONAL today! But the kicker was at the end of the day during our snack time I commented to him that I noticed he was still sad and that I was hoping he would feel better soon.

He then leans over to me and in a very whiny voice says, "Miss Kelly, I think maybe I just need some McDonalds and then I will feel better."

WOW!!! As much as I tried not to laugh I tried not to cringe as well! I guess emotional eating starts young. Or maybe a better question is do we as parent's use food to try to comfort our children??? Hmmm, it really makes you think doesn't it... No wonder I have 20 pounds to loose! No wonder...


Nick said...

Dear Ms. Johnson,
We are contacting you because of your expertise in the area of child care. My business partner and I are working on a project in the preschool industry and are looking for someone who we could hire as a consultant. We have seen your blog and website and are impressed with the work you have done. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you what we are doing and see if there may be some interest on your part. I apologize for sending you this message via your blog but I could find no other way to contact you.


Kjj said...

Dear Nick,
I have an email link on my website if you wish to contact me.

Anonymous said...

oh my, i wonder how you kept a straight face after that "McDonald" incident. Reading about it just made me laugh hard, I am pretty sure i wouldn't stop laughing for that whole day! which might not be a smart thing to do considering i wanna join the early childhood field.