Sunday, November 08, 2009

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

Thursday I was having the most interesting conversation with several of my preschool friends. One of them noticed and eagle flying over head when we were outside on the playground. He was anxious for me to see it. This sparked much story telling from my little friends about what eagles like to eat and do and such.

One friend said, "Miss Kelly my dad hunts eagles."

I said, "Oh sweetie I don't think he hunts eagles, maybe he hunts another kind of bird, because it is against the law to shoot an eagle."

He got a very concerned look on his face and after some thought he said, "No he hunts geese."

"Oh, sure." I replied. "Yes, geese are good to hunt."

He looked relieved! Then he added, "he also hunts bears."

"He does?" I asked.

Then a new conversation started amongst the small crowd that had congregated near the swings. "Miss Kelly!" shouted one of my small friends. "My dad hunts bears too," she excitedly informed me. "He also shot a lion." She said.

"A lion?" "Where did he shoot a lion at?" I asked with curiosity.

"Oh, I don't know..." she replied. “I was in bed."  Too funny!

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