Monday, October 26, 2009

when theory becomes reality

I love it when theory becomes reality... There are a lot of theories that influence the how, why, and what we teach in early childhood. It is so reassuring when you actually get the chance to see the fruit of your labors and experience first hand (or second hand in this case) how what you are doing is working and really benefiting the children you teach. Here is an example from the other day...

Last week one of the activities we offered to our students was apple stamping using cut up apples and those big stamp pads from Lakeshore. One of my more reserved students often chooses to observe the other children as they participate in different activities. (A common trait for some children) He intently watched the kids trying out the new apple stamping activity. I invited him a couple of times to try it with them and he declined.

In early childhood we talk a lot about repetition and offering children repeated exposure to things. There are numerous reasons for doing this, one of them being to entice those children who may be more reserved at trying new things.

My education assistant shared with me today (I had not witnessed this myself), that our little friend was one of the first children to go to the art table to try the apple stamps when they were put out again for the kids for the second time in a row. She commented on how much he enjoyed the activity and how proud he was of his picture. I couldn't be more pleased! I love it when things work how they are supposed to!

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