Saturday, October 24, 2009

Season Two

This is year two at my current teaching job and I love it even more this time around. The kids are great, the parents are appreciative, and co-workers are fun and easy to get along with... My biggest concern right now is how do I help parent's to understand that if their child qualifies for services from our local special education co-op that this is a good thing...I know it is hard to hear, when your child is struggling to succeed in some way at school or has some other issues. I have experienced it myself, so I can appreciated how parents feel. The good news is that when children receive intervention services early they are so much more likely to not need services later. They have a chance to overcome their struggles sooner without it impacting their learning in a negative way.Families need to know that the special education system is very different now from when they grew up. There are many negative stereo-types out there that are just not true. Today's special education system strives to put parents in charge and assists parents in planning how to help their children succeed. Most children are mainstreamed into typical classrooms and their peers are generally not aware they are receiving any special help. (This is certainly the case in my classes!) If they are aware, teachers now days do a wonderful job of teaching empathy and the understanding that we all learn differently. (Differentiated teaching is a strategy with a huge impact in how teachers approach lesson planning for all students today.) When children require additional help in school to be successful, it does not mean there’s anything "wrong" with their child! It simply means they may need a little extra help to succeed at the same level as their peers. And thank goodness, there are services available to families to ensure that all children are receiving an equal education in our public schools!

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