Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do you sleep here? And other good questions.

Every year I get asked by at least one student, "Miss Kelly where is your bed?" Or, "Do you sleep here?" One of the perks of this job is the free humor! Four and five year olds really come up with some interesting thoughts. Sometimes I just can't help but laugh when I contemplate what must have been going through their heads in order to generate some of the questions and comments they make.

One of my little friends said to me today, "Miss Kelly I know you don't live here because you don't have a bed in your room. And you don't have any pillows, so it would not feel good to sleep here." I had to laugh. I have no idea what brought this thought on from this little guy. Surely it sparked a thought in one of my other friend’s minds though, because she turned to me then and said, "Miss Kelly I live in Big Lake." And before I could even begin to wonder why she thought to inform me of this she quickly added, "In case you ever want to come visit me." LOL! Too sweet!

Super sweet kids are another perk on the job in early childhood. Yes, we have our challenging kids BELIEVE ME! But most of them are just so sweet and love school. It sure can make your day when someone (even if they are only four) says something to you like, "Miss Kelly you are my best friend!" Thanks "G" you are mine too! : )

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